Celebrating Grandparents Day with Rituals and Traditions

measuring ingredients from Grandmas recipe

Women are often the ritual makers for the family, but today’s moms may not have time to plan rituals. Grandmas can help by creating simple rituals for their grandchildren.

Grandma Showers: A New Rite of Passage


There’s growing attention on a new grandma rite of passage: grandma showers! And there’s lots of disagreement between the generations on whether it’s a good idea.

Everyday Rituals Are the Glue that Bonds Families

New Family Traditions Cover

Holiday traditions are important but the simple rituals we do everyday when we greet each other, sit down to meals or say goodnight create the true tapestries of our family.

How to Use a Family Meeting as a Discipline Tool


Many of the skills children need to regulate their behavior and navigate the challenges they face every day are taught and practiced in the family meeting.

Affirmations Help Children Build Positive Mental Habits

Girl meditating

My daughter and granddaughters started meditating. The results have been noticeable. Their meditation practice includes reading affirmations from a book by Yvonne Read.