Calculate Your Age in Grandma Years

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How do you calculate your age in grandma years? I thought about the things that add and subtract years from a grandma’s real age and can make us feel older or younger.

Grandma Has Head Lice. Say What?!


No one in my family has ever had head lice. At least not until last week, when my hairstylist finally diagnosed the cause of my intensely itchy scalp.

Adapting to Your Grandchild’s Dietary Needs


Whether it’s medical or ethical reasons, children are eating very differently than our generation did and we need to be conscious about the food we give them.

Is Silence Golden in the Golden Years?


If you run out of things to talk about with your spouse, here are some questions to ponder that reveal vulnerabilities and deepen the bonds of love.

Do You Provide Care for Your Grandchild?

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The University of Georgia is recruiting grandparents and their employed, adult children for a paid research study examining the effects of grandchild care on health, well-being, and career outcomes.