Giving Events and Experiences for Holiday Gifts


For the holidays this year, grandparents can give gifts of events and experiences, which are incredibly enriching and valuable alternatives to giving material gifts.

What’s Your Grandmother Name?


One of the biggest challenges facing today’s new grandmothers is deciding on the name you want your grandchild to call you and grandmothers want to choose their own names.

Grandparents and Grandchildren Road Trips


More and more grandparents are starting a tradition of taking their grandchildren on road trips, sans the parents, to celebrate various milestones in their lives.

Sometimes Grandparents Are Justified in Setting Ground Rules

"Know the rules" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

Some times grandparents are justified in setting the ground rules they expect their grandchildren to follow, even when they have not been invited to do so.

Learning to Ask for Help

Nurturing the Soul of Your Family book cover

How do you navigate challenges? Do you head out into the forest to slay the dragon alone? Or do you enlist the help and strategic counsel of other knights and soothsayers?