A Delicious Way to Meditate


While my 6-month old granddaughter slumbered in my lap, I studied her chubby little arm and noticed babies have no wrists. What a delicious way to meditate.

Remembering Marilyn on Her Birthday

MarilyninCuba copy

After my best friend died, I invited ten of her closest friends and her three daughters to a “Remembering Marilyn on Her Birthday” gathering. What better day to gather than on her birthday.

Transitioning from Paris Honeymoon to Daily Routine


Transitioning from my Paris honeymoon to my daily routine has been hard. Two years ago I wrote a post about how to beat post vacation blues, so I thought I was prepared.

GaGa Sisterhood Celebrates Its 8th Year

Happy Anniversary

Last week, 20 of our members celebrated the 8th anniversary of the GaGa Sisterhood. After lunch, we sat in a circle and told stories about what defines us as grandmas.

Grandma Celebrates 65th Birthday by Giving to Others


Frances admits that as her 65th birthday approached, a big party was not her style. Yet she wanted to reach out and share her gratitude for arriving at this milestone.