World’s Best Grandparent Contest


Walt Disney World is sponsoring a “World’s Best Grandparent” contest and one lucky grandparent will win a 7-night vacation package for 6 people to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Storytelling Brings Family History to Life


Storytelling is more than entertainment. Storytelling brings family history to life while fostering imagination and creativity.

“Flat Stanley” Inspires Fun Project for Children


My 8-year old friend invited me to participate in her “Flat Stanley” project by keeping a travel journal with sights and souvenirs from my travels around my town.

Limiting Children’s Cell Phone Use


Smart phones and technology are a tremendous asset to our lives, but overuse can take away from real world experiences like reading and being outdoors. How do you limit use without conflict?

Improv Nurtures Imagination in Grandchildren


Human beings are improvisers by nature and children improvise all day long. Improv is an excellent way to nurture imagination in your grandchildren.