Grandparents and Grandchildren Road Trips


More and more grandparents are starting a tradition of taking their grandchildren on road trips, sans the parents, to celebrate various milestones in their lives.

8 Tips for Enjoying Multigenerational Vacations


Each year more than 5 million families vacation with 3 generations. Here are 8 tips for taking a vacation where everyone from toddlers to grandparents can have a good time.

Transitioning from Paris Honeymoon to Daily Routine


Transitioning from my Paris honeymoon to my daily routine has been hard. Two years ago I wrote a post about how to beat post vacation blues, so I thought I was prepared.

12 Tips for Multi-generational Travel

3-generations on vacation

Grandparents are always looking for ways to bond with their families. These tips for multi-generational vacations will deepen the relationships among the generations.

Who Stays at Bed and Breakfasts

B and B sign

At B&Bs, we’ve met couples of all ages, mostly friendly and outgoing. If you like hearing stories, you’ll love the camaraderie that develops around the breakfast table.