Customize a Music CD for a Child’s Birthday

CD Cover

When my granddaughter turned two, I made her a CD of her favorite songs. I recorded 16 songs and customized some songs with my granddaughter’s name.

Interview with Adair Lara

Adair Lara explains why humor is so important to her and why she chose to write The Granny Diaries from a humorous perspective

Storytelling with Nancy Mellon


Nancy Mellon is a therapist, teacher, and author of three books. Her newest book is Body Eloquence. She has been teaching storytelling as a healing art for over two decades and believes that stories broaden our inner knowing, our compassion, and our sense of self.

Childrens Nursery Rhymes

We take so many pictures of our grandchildren, but it’s also fun to capture their sweet voices as they’re learning to talk and even sing.