New Line of Empathy Cards Says What You Can’t


Emily McDowell’s new line of empathy cards are funny, honest and many times poke fun at the platitudes people so often reach for when they are scared.

The Positive Impact of Inter-generational Learning

Great-grandma with Lennon

Mary Bomyea and her great-granddaughter Lennon Clement discover how much fun it can be spending time together while revealing the positive impact of inter-generational learning.

American Grandma Pays for Wounded Afghan Boy’s Education

NBC reporter Richard Engel and Cindy Barrett

Grandma Cindy Barrett saw an NBC Nightly News story featuring 12-year old Obaid, an Afghan boy who lost his two sisters and his two legs in a bombing. She sprang into action to help him.

Do You Know How to Be a Good Listener?

deep listening

People think that when we hear, we listen. But listening is really hard work, and takes a lot of concentration. Here are 3 ways to become a better listener.

Learn to Forgive for Good

Forgive for Good cover

Dr. Fred Luskin’s very readable book will help you understand why we hold onto our grievance stories, why we blame others, and how we can learn to forgive for good.