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Donne and Paola

Vote in the Readers’ Choice competition for GaGa Sisterhood as Favorite Grandparenting Blog and Paola Gianturco’s book, Grandmother Power, as Favorite Book.

The Incredible Lightness of Decluttering

cluttered desk

I’m an organized person but the paper piles on my desk and around the house were out of control. It was time to consult a professional organizer to help me declutter.

Celebrate More Birthdays (Sponsored Video)

birthday candles

I’ve always loved celebrating my birthday and the older I get the more precious those celebrations become. Last week I celebrated by spending the day in Tiburon, CA.

Kids Are Safer with Grandma Behind the Wheel

Senior woman in oldtimer car

A new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics shows kids are twice as safe when their grandparents are behind the wheel instead of their parents.

Nominate a Grandparent of the Year

Grandparent of the year

One GRANDparent and ten finalists will be honored by GRAND Magazine and REAL Powered by Humana in the 5th annual GRANDparent of the Year tribute to grandparents.