Girlfriends Are Important for Women


A university professor of psychiatry explained the mind-body connection to his students by telling them there’s a relationship between stress and disease. “One of the best things a man can do for his health is to be married to a woman,” he said. “Whereas one of the best things a woman can do for her […]

Remembering Marilyn on Her Birthday

MarilyninCuba copy

After my best friend died, I invited ten of her closest friends and her three daughters to a “Remembering Marilyn on Her Birthday” gathering. What better day to gather than on her birthday.

Everybody’s Talking About Sisterhood

The Moon Sisters cover

Sometimes your sisters can be just the help you need to lift your spirits. Last Sunday I was at a low point and the wonderful members of my GaGa Sisterhood lifted my spirits.

I Lost My Best Friend Today

Marilyn with puppet

I lost my best friend today. She’d been hospitalized for 5 months. We were “spit sisters” for 61 years (we were too chicken to prick our fingers back in the first grade).

Grieving for a Dear Friend

playing on the seesaw

This summer feels unreal. Instead of visiting my granddaughters, I pair each visit with a trip to the hospital, just a few miles from their home, to see my best friend, Marilyn.