Teasing Is Disguised Bullying


Help your child deal with teasing. The payoffs are significant: safety, self-confidence, resiliency, and the ability to handle difficult or frightening situations

Unsupervised Play for Kids Builds Independence


A growing number of parents around the country are advocating for free play as a way to build children’s self-confidence and independence.

Grandma Ready to Call It Quits Over Out-of-Control Grandchildren


My friend complained that taking care of her grandchildren is exhausting because they don’t get along and she’s tired of trying to help the parents control the kids.

Should Grandparents Limit Tech Time?


When grandchildren visited their grandparents, the grandparents were frustrated that the children didn’t want to engage with them and wanted to play games on their iPads.

Is Silence Golden in the Golden Years?


If you run out of things to talk about with your spouse, here are some questions to ponder that reveal vulnerabilities and deepen the bonds of love.