What People Are Saying About the GaGa Sisterhood Newsletter

I get many newsletters. By far, I’d say yours is one of the most interesting and useful… Helga

Your Sisterhood organization information has been so helpful in preparing me for this unexpectedly rewarding time of life. Thank you… Carolynn

Thanks for sending the GaGazine. All of your tips and work are so valuable and fill such a need in uniting three generations… Berna

Your newsletter is consistently informative. I don’t know how you do it, but you write the best e-newsletters. I read every part of it. I am sorry that I missed this meeting, but your newsletter brought me up to date.  Thank you… Carol

Your GaGazine is awesome!  Colorful, straightforward, and loaded with information… Len

The GaGazine is a real winner!… Joyce

You always produce an enjoyable must read. I look forward to every new issue. Keep up the Grand work!… Christine

What People Are Saying About GaGa Sisterhood Meetings

You plan such lovely meetings for all of us. I have developed two new friendships from our group, for which I will be ever grateful… Bev

You are in for lots of treats as our GaGa gatherings are always very enjoyable… Kathleen

After meeting all of you, I’ve been inspired by how you nurture your grandchildren and how GaGa Sisterhood is truly a place for us to be nurtured. You are a wonderful group of ladies and I am proud to have become a member… Carol

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to join the GaGa sisterhood. I really enjoyed everyone and the common bond we all share in our own way as Grandmothers. It is surely a great group of women and I loved how open hearted everyone was, I felt very much at home… Mary Beth

What a wonderful GaGa Sisterhood meeting! The way you organized it worked so well and the questions really generated discussion in a most meaningful way. Hats off to you for figuring out how to make it work!… Marcia

The GaGa Sisterhood provides not only a place to brag, bond and benefit, but also a place for support, sharing and just plain silliness as we explore who we are as active, involved and evolving grandmothers… Susan

I feel very fortunate to have discovered GaGa Sisterhood while visiting my daughter who recently moved to California from the East Coast where I live. I’ve attended just a couple of meetings so far but those meetings and the women I’ve met there have helped me feel more at home at “my home away from home”. Because of this, I am trying to time my future visits to the West Coast, whenever possible, to match the bi-monthly GaGa Sisterhood meetings… Marcia

Every meeting has offered something to take away with me ~ some little nugget of advice, some inspiration, a closer connection with another GaGa… Susan

I love the speakers who present at our GaGa Sisterhood meetings.  They are always the highest caliber professionals and they always have something really interesting to say… Carol

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday’s meeting, my first. What a lovely, dynamic bunch of women!… Susan

I really enjoy meeting with this group of women. They are far more informed than the grandma’s of yesteryear. Moreover, they are willing to open up, share, and be enlightened by others. The group of women is very eclectic–each woman has a unique and individual gift to bring to our circle… Lisa

I enjoyed the meeting today. It felt like a comfortable, supportive and fun place to be. Thanks for organizing this group. I think it is a good fit for me and I look forward to future get togethers… Ricka

Great meeting. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Very supportive and collegial. Thanks for creating such a warm environment… Berna

Thank you for an absolutely outstanding GaGa meeting this afternoon. I feel fortunate to be a part of this lovely group of women. It was an exceptional meeting and I appreciated how honest and genuine everyone was… Cheri

I loved today’s GaGa meeting, it was enlightening and ever so much fun! I can’t wait until the next one in September. So glad I am now a part of this wonderful group of Grandmas!… Carol

Usually I avoid groups, but the GaGa Sisterhood is very special and I enjoy the meetings, the subjects, and the other grandmas tremendously. Thank you for creating this group and keeping us going… Carolyn

I want to join the GaGa Sisterhood.