Newsletter for Grandmas Wins 2013 All Star Award

2013 Constant Contact All Star award

Would you like some thought-provoking ideas to inspire you to grow in your role as a grandma? Are you looking for creative ideas to enrich your family life? Do you need some tips for communicating with your adult children?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I invite you to subscribe to my award winning newsletter, The GaGazine. For the fifth year in a row, The GaGazine received Constant Contact’s All Star Award. Our monthly newsletters are written with today’s modern grandma in mind. They’re a quick read with photos, tips, book recommendations, and healthy recipes.

Here are the topics covered in the past six months’ newsletters:

Sharpen your communication tools: Good communication is an important element of healthy relationships. Yet the simplest communication can become derailed, risking misunderstanding or even conflict. The way we deliver and receive information impacts interactions in every aspect our daily lives.

Conversations about love and money: Two of the most difficult subjects for parents and adult children to discuss are death and money. But having these uncomfortable conversations is crucial.

Be the most fun grammie on the block: Activities and ways to make a difference in your grandchild’s life.

Find your inner artist: There’s a magical triad that can keep our brains sharp and robust as we age. If the brain is fed a diet of complexity, newness, and problem solving through pursuit of the arts, it can flower and bloom beyond age sixty. In addition to supporting our health, pursuing the fine arts can bring greater life satisfaction, increased passion and a sense of well being.

6 suggestions for coping with grief during the holidays: Holidays are often difficult for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one. Rather than being times of family togetherness, sharing and thanksgiving, holidays can bring feelings of sadness, loss and emptiness.

Forgive for Good: Tools for understanding and practicing forgiveness.

Got Traditions?: How to create meaningful rituals for holidays but more importantly, rituals for everyday.

If you’re looking for content rich articles to help you become more enlightened and engaged with your adult children and grandchildren, get your complimentary copy of our newsletter.


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    You convinced me, in spite of the fact that I struggle constantly with an overloaded inbox. The newsletter sounds fabulous. Congratulations.