Solving the Morning Jumble


For the past 45 years, my husband and I have begun our morning by solving the Jumble, That Scrambled Word Game which appears in our daily newspaper. Over the years we’ve developed our methods for solving it. My husband goes straight to the cartoon because he’s visual and tries to guess the pun from the clues in the cartoon. I favor unscrambling the words so I can get the letters and then solve the puzzle.

Lately we’ve begun to see who can solve it faster. Whoever gets the paper first looks at the cartoon. If we get it, we write “Got It” above the cartoon. If it’s really easy, we write “Duh!”

Today’s Jumble seemed like the perfect puzzle to share on the GaGa Sisterhood blog. See if you can solve it.

The classic daily and Sunday Jumbles haven’t changed since they launched almost 60 years ago.  In 2008, Jeff Knurek took over the cartooning duties for Jumble from the great Henri Arnold. David L. Hoyt currently creates the word puzzles.

According to the research by Henry Gottleib, the Jumble originally launched in June 1954 with artwork by Martin Dell. Beginning in 1960, Henri Arnold took over the syndicated puzzle and dreamed up the ideas and drew the cartoons along with Bob Lee who assembled the word puzzles. The Jumble almost died from lack of interest until Arnold injected some humor into the puzzle. Arnold once said that he did his best work lying on his sofa thinking up riddles.

The Jumble quickly became the leading word puzzle in newspapers after the daily crossword puzzle and has kept its position at the top ever since. More than 60 million people in over 600 newspapers in the United States and Canada have access to Jumble every day. It is also in English-language papers in other parts of the world.

Did you solve it?



  1. Susan Adcox says

    Cute post! Yes, I solved it. I’m in your husband’s camp: Get the answer and work backward. My husband and I find that what seems like a “Duh!” puzzle to one isn’t always easy for the other. Hooray for keeping aging brains working!

    • says

      Thanks, Susan. I forgot to mention that sometimes when I can’t solve the Jumble, I call my 90-year old mom to see if she got it and she always does!