Here’s the Halloween Phantom Poem


Halloween_pumpkinSeveral years ago I discovered a fun Halloween tradition for building community in your neighborhood during the month of October. It’s called the Halloween Phantom and he secretly drops goodies at a neighbor’s house with a request to pass along the poem and goodies to two more neighbors.

Here’s how you can be the secret “phantom” and start the fun on your block.

  1. Print out three copies of the Halloween Phantom poem (see poem below). Download the poem here.
  2. Leave a copy of the poem and a bag of treats on two of your neighbors’ front doorsteps.
  3. Put a copy of the poem on your own door so everyone will see you’ve already been visited by the “phantom.”
  4. Watch the fun begin as Halloween Phantom fliers appear on your neighbors’ front doors.

This Halloween tradition is certain to bring fun to your block during the Halloween season.

Halloween phantom poem


  1. Susan Adcox says

    We have a similar tradition- down in Texas, but we call it getting “boo-ed.” It’s fun, but sometimes I think it’s just an extra burden for busy families at an extra busy time of the year.