Creative Grandma Enjoys Scavenger Hunt with Grandchildren

scavenger photo hunt cartoon

I love hearing stories of all the  creative ways grandmas connect with their grandchildren. Frances is one of my favorite sources. Before our yoga class she always shares her latest adventures with her granddaughter, 9 and grandson, 6.

This summer Frances and her grandchildren are participating in the San Jose Mercury News 2013 Road Trip Scavenger Hunt. The goal is to snap photos of 20 items during your summer travels. The catch is that at least one member of your scavenger hunt team must appear in each picture. Creativity and humor are strongly encouraged. The deadline is 5 pm on September 5 – so there’s still time to join the fun.

Frances explained that on their family vacation to Italy this summer they got photos of all but four items: an abandoned phone booth, a police officer eating, an overloaded truck, and a rack of postcards. She couldn’t believe they failed to get a photo of one of the billions of postcard displays they saw in Italy.

One of the contest details is that participants must travel outside the San Francisco Bay Area counties to find their items. So she and her husband drove to Santa Rosa last weekend to see if they could track down those final four items. She had also done some Internet research and found some photos of abandoned phone booths located in that city.

Frances reported that they got legitimate photos of the first three items. The phone booth was clearly abandoned … no phone, graffiti, pack of cigarettes, or a homeless person sleeping under it! They easily found a rack of post cards in the Santa Rosa Welcome Center and also got directions to the police station! A nice Santa Rosa police officer posed with the kids by his squad car holding a banana!

They were out of luck on the overloaded truck, but this ingenious grandma was prepared and brought along a bright yellow toy dump truck!  They found a nice spot in the Howarth Memorial Park where they had a picnic!  Then they stuffed the toy truck with toy animals and photographed the kids next to it!  She’s doubtful whether that item will qualify – but you’ve got to admire her creativity!

What creative adventures have you enjoyed with your grandchildren this summer? Add your stories below in the Comments box.


  1. Susan Adcox says

    That sounds like so much fun! Frances and company deserve to win for such creative solutions.