The Colorful Journey of Success

On the set at KMVTV

Clare Mullin is a beautiful example of someone who has turned lemons into lemonade. In the early 90s after one of her gym workouts, she was the victim of a freak accident that resulted in traumatic brain injury. Her accident was compounded by epileptic seizures that she’s had since the eighth grade. She had to re-learn how to speak and write. She devised her own healing process by writing in the dark and just scribbling at first until she could write with her eyes closed.

Clare not only recovered, she developed and began producing a KMVT television program six years ago called The Colorful Journey of Success. On the show she interviews authors, actors, designers, and coaches who share their expertise and the story of how they began their journey.

Recently, I was a guest on Clare’s show along with author, Elena Martina. Both of us enjoyed being on the show to talk about our books. We were equally inspired by Clare’s creativity and all that she’s accomplished. She’s turned her disabilities into abilities by launching a new career as a motivational speaker, talk show host and producer, and media coach.

I met Clare at a Toastmasters meeting and learned that she’s earned the highest achievement—Distinguished Toastmaster. She used her professional training and experience as a custom designer to create a color-coded learning system called ColorWheeling that helps people create their own success plan. She believes that by sharing her story, she can encourage people to recover and move forward.

I had fun being on the show and helped create our set as well as participating behind the scenes. Clare is a gracious host with a beautiful smile and made both Elena and me feel welcome. I shared my success story of founding the GaGa Sisterhood, which led to my recently published book, When Being a Grandma Isn’t So Grand.

Clare asked how I’m helping other grandmas. Being a grandma is pure joy, I explained. But sometimes it’s a double-edged sword: grandparenting can be challenging. I’ve written a book about dealing with those challenges. In my book, I share the wisdom I’ve learned from listening to grandmas and moms. My hope is that grandmas and moms will use my book to help them build a loving and supportive team and have more empathy for each other.

Elena told Clare about her new novel, Clinging To Deceit and the process she followed to write it. She wants to inspire other writers to publish their books and coaches them at the California Writers Club – South Bay, where she is network chair.

When we wrapped the show, Clare invited the crew to pose with us for a Facebook photo. One of the camera operators told me she’s going to be a grandma in March so of course, I gave her my card.

Clare says her goal is to show off her guests as “experts” who’ve succeeded and are now helping others. I think she did such a great job because she’s a success herself.


  1. ElenaMartina says

    Thanks for sharing your post Donne! I enjoyed being interviewed alongside with you. Hope our paths cross again! ~ ElenaMartina.