Peaceful Piggy Meditation Teaches Children Inner Harmony

Peaceful Piggy Meditation

Whether you’re an adult or a child, sometimes the world can be such a busy, noisy place. But if you have a peaceful place inside of you from meditating, you’ll keep a happy heart and even on a horrible, painful, rotten day, you’ll be able to smile.

This is author Kerry Lee MacLean’s message in her adorable book Peaceful Piggy Meditation, which a grandma friend recently gave me. MacLean writes from experience. She teaches meditation to children in Boulder, CO and is the proud mother of five, “happy, funny, sweet, smart and good-hearted children” who grew up meditating.

She writes that “it started as an emergency measure to help them through a family crisis, but gradually MacLean and her husband noticed that their children were just generally nicer people when they meditated every day.”

She’s seen it work for other families as well. She explains to families that meditating is part of a self-care regimen like brushing your teeth. You want to keep your mind happy and healthy the same way you want to keep your teeth clean and healthy. And when you do, you’ll see all kinds of benefits: you’ll feel as free as a bird in the sky; as calm as a pond on a cool night; you’ll have an easier time accepting things; you’ll like who you are, just as you are; and you’ll try to be loving and kind to all beings… even worms!

MacLean explains that meditation also helps you notice all the magical little things in life, like raindrops racing each other down the window; the silent stories that clouds tell us, and the birds singing songs just for us.

Busy moms and their kids will relate to MacLean’s whimsical drawings of the pigs’ hectic lives. They’re rushing out the door to school, playing video games, and fighting over the same toy. But all that changes when they learn how to meditate. In the book and on her interactive website she shows you the simple steps to meditation and gives a wonderful metaphor for how it works.

According to MacLean, scientific research confirms that just a few minutes of meditation each day calms the mind and soothes the spirit. When children have a peaceful place inside themselves, they feel happier, think more clearly, and get along better with family and friends. With the ability to meditate, adults and children are able to connect to their own natural inner harmony, each day before venturing out into the world, which is especially important in times of stress.

Note: For more resources on the benefits of meditation see my previous post on positive affirmations for children.


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    Fascinating!  Our kids went to a Friends school, where each day started with what was called “settling in.”  Even parent meetings started with settling in.  It was very calming, centering.  I wonder what the philosophical relationship is . . . think I’ll go look that up.