Moms—How Is Your Relationship with Your Child’s Grandparents?


For the past 8 years I’ve been listening to what grandmas have to say about their role in the family. Since this is such an important relationship, I thought it would be helpful if we grandmas could hear the mom’s perspective on the grandparent relationship.

I’ve created a short survey for moms about their relationship with their child’s grandparents. There will be complete confidentiality and no names will be used.

The responses are for a book I’m writing to help grandmas improve their relationship with their grandchild’s parents.

I invite you to take my survey and in appreciation, I’ll send you a complimentary copy of my book when it’s published.


  1. says

    Great idea! I won’t take the survey since I now fall more into the grandmom category than the mom one, but I’m eager to hear more about the results and the book.