Holiday Gifts That Won’t Add Clutter

parent and child outing

A year ago I reviewed Tara Keppler and Nina Coslov’s award-winning book food for thoughtful parenting: 12 must-have lists for new parents & young families. Their wisdom and insight impressed me. Now they write a blog called ideas for thoughtful parenting. Tara and Nina met in the throes of parenting when their kids attended the same preschool. Contrasting personalities and life experiences led to rich conversations on parenting topics. These conversations, and a mutual love of lists, inspired their book, which is a collection of the ideas they found most helpful, usable, and worth sharing.

Gift ideas that won’t add to clutter or landfill

1. An outing. Block out a day and let your child choose an activity with a parent. Ice cream sundaes, Sturbridge Village, kayaking, bookstore browsing, hiking in the woods, baking bread, a bike ride, an aerospace museum… We love this for many of the reasons we mentioned in our post titled one to one.

2. Tickets to an event. A play, concert, movie, dance performance… One contributor creates a package which includes a DVD, CD, t-shirt or other items related to the show or event. How fun!

3. A class. Art, dance, video games, gymnastics, cooking, rock climbing, fishing… Who knew you can help feed the seals at the Aquarium!?

4. A chance to do good. Give money for kids to donate to a charity of their choice, such as Heifer International, Horizons for the Homeless, or Barakat.

5. For the family. If a grandparent asks, why not a membership to a science museum, a gym where everyone can swim or climb, or a nature conservancy?

Recently, they conducted a survey to gather best gift ideas for the holidays. Here are their results (download): Holiday Gift Ideas © 2012 – iftp survey results.