8 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Relatives During the Holidays


Holidays can be tough. Some people love them; some people dread them. It seems that one of the biggest challenges of the holidays is dealing with difficult relatives.

Are You Guilty of Gift Giving Competition?


Are you caught up in the gift giving frenzy this holiday season? Do you wonder whether the gifts you give your grandchildren will be as good as the “other” grandma’s?

White Elephant Exchange Livens Holiday Party

Deborah's Palm House

I attended a white elephant gift exchange holiday party. White elephant gifts are tacky and sometimes strange. The idea is to to rid yourself of a tacky gift and invariably gain a new one!

Holiday Gifts That Won’t Add Clutter

parent and child outing

Tara Keppler and Nina Coslov’s, authors of the award winning book, “food for thoughtful parenting,” offer gift ideas that won’t add to clutter or landfill

Telling Your Story With a Guided Autobiography

book cover

The process of writing and sharing your life stories in a group helps you recall memories and gain an appreciation for the direction your life has taken.