Making Toast Shows How to Live with Loss

Making Toast cover

If one of your grandchild’s parents died, would you be able to step in and fill their role? Roger and Ginny Rosenblatt did exactly that when their 38-year old daughter died.

Grandparent Alienation Affects Many Families

A Precious Bond Cover

Are you afraid of being cut off from your grandchildren? If so, you’re not alone. Grandparent alienation is a problem affecting families across the country.

The Incredible Lightness of Decluttering

cluttered desk

I’m an organized person but the paper piles on my desk and around the house were out of control. It was time to consult a professional organizer to help me declutter.

Give a Personal Hug to a Loved One with Hug-E-Gram

Hug-E-Gram arms

Seven years ago Peri-Sue Zausner was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her recovery, she knew that hugs and laughter made her feel better. So she created the Hug-E-Gram.