Parenthood Can Be a Mixed Bag

stressed mother

Parenting can be a mixed bag filled with incredible highs and devastating lows. And parenting adult children who are now parents themselves can be just as tricky.

Grandma’s Favorite Apps for Kids

App icon

The promise of playing with apps has given me some leverage with my granddaughters. I just have to say, “when you finish your chores, we can try out a new app!”

Celebrate More Birthdays (Sponsored Video)

birthday candles

I’ve always loved celebrating my birthday and the older I get the more precious those celebrations become. Last week I celebrated by spending the day in Tiburon, CA.

Peaceful Piggy Meditation Teaches Children Inner Harmony

Peaceful Piggy Meditation

MacLean says that meditating is a self-care regimen like brushing your teeth that keeps your mind happy and healthy the same way you keep your teeth clean and healthy.

A Tyrannical Mother-In-Law Tale—Indian Style

Two Indian women

In Indian tradition an expectant mother delivers her baby at her mother’s or mother-in-law’s home. A post-partum mom describes her stay with her tyrannical mother-in-law.