Going Grey: A Milestone for Women of a Certain Age

Grey-haired lady

One of the biggest decisions aging women face is whether or not to hide our grey hair. Recently, journalist Ysabel Duron addressed this question in a radio conversation.

Affirmations Help Children Build Positive Mental Habits

Girl meditating

My daughter and granddaughters started meditating. The results have been noticeable. Their meditation practice includes reading affirmations from a book by Yvonne Read.

Grandma Blogs About Special Needs Children

Hailey painting

Janet Harrold started a blog to keep her family informed about her granddaughter’s cerebral palsy and to educate others about special needs children.

10 Reasons Grandparents Get Mad at Grandkids

toy fit

Moms, aside from you, no one loves your kids more than their grandparents. They just can’t get enough of their little blessings – spoiling and doting on them incessantly, right?