When Being a Grandma Isn’t So Grand, Revisited


Grandmas face challenges in their relationships with their grandchildren’s parents. At our meeting, we discussed 3 challenges: difficult relationships, hurt feelings, and different parenting methods.

Grandma Garbas Didn’t Fit the Mold

Grandma Garb

When I hear the word grandma, I don’t picture a rosy-cheeked, sweet, little, white-haired lady. My mind conjures a devilish grin and hands wrapped around a glass of rye.

Grandmas Finally Get to Be the Funmeisters

Woman baking with granddaughter

Today’s moms have way more stress than we had when we were raising them. When grandmas complain their daughters don’t have enough fun, I say “cut ’em some slack.”

Crunch a Color Rewards Picky Eaters for Eating Healthy Foods


Do you have a picky eater in your family? Then you’re going to love Crunch A Color, a new card game that makes it fun to eat healthy foods. The game comes with tips for parents.

Tips for Getting Along With the Other Grandma

two women talking

It’s normal to feel envious of the other grandma, but competing with her is a sign of insecurity. Remember grandchildren thrive when they have lots of grandparents who love them.