Caroling on Christmas Day Spreads Joy


On Christmas morning, I sang Christmas carols to hospitalized veterans at a Veterans Administration Hospital. The experience was incredibly uplifting and exhilarating.

GaGa Sisterhood Celebrates Its 8th Year

Happy Anniversary

Last week, 20 of our members celebrated the 8th anniversary of the GaGa Sisterhood. After lunch, we sat in a circle and told stories about what defines us as grandmas.

Questions to Get Your Kids Talking

talk to your child

What’s really going on when your kids are at school? When I ask my kids about how their day went, how do I get them to say more than “fine” or “good?”

How to Create Your Own Top Ten Toy List

Mobilo Toy

Everyone has seen those lists of Ten Hot Toys that run this time of year. My recommendation–ignore them! These qualities of a good toy will help you create your own list.

How to Talk to Little Girls

woman talking to young girl

What is the first thing you say to a little girl when you meet her, when your friend’s daughter comes over to play, when you see her at church or at a restaurant?