Toothbrushing Ritual: Name That Toonth

Brushing teeth

Most kids don’t like their teeth brushed. Not my 8 and 4-year old granddaughters. They love it when I brush their teeth, because I play a game called Name That Toonth!

Silly Thanksgiving Songs


Here are some silly Thanksgiving songs adapted from familiar children’s tunes to sing at your family Thanksgiving dinner – guaranteed to bring smiles to all ages.

Grandoodlez Helps Grandparents Bond with Grandchildren


Eileen Meier founded Grandoodlez to help grandparents and grandkids stay connected by creating talking books, cards, doodlez, videos, and photos online.

Fighting the Overprotective Impulse

Peggy Orenstein

I know all about the free-range kid argument. Still, there is theory and then there is practice. I agree with the premise, but the truth is, I’m innately overprotective.

Learning to Live in the Moment: Why Not Do It Now?


Karl Pillemer interviewed older adults for the Legacy Project. The elders said to learn how to live in the moment rather than focusing only on our plans and ambitions.