The Parents Guide to Raising CEO Kids

CEO Kids cover

How do you raise a young entrepreneur? The same way you’d raise any child—by helping her develop the skills to become a happy, successful, and well-adjusted adult.

Communicating with Your Adult Children

mother and adult daughter

As parents of adult children, we’re often advised to “zip our lips.” But this can be frustrating when we have things to say and opinions to share with them. Here are a few tips.

Capturing Memories Without a Camera

children on swings

We are always equipped to capture precious “Kodak moments” with our cameras, cell phones, and camcorders. But some moments are best captured with our eyes and hearts.

Mom Needs Help with Critical Grandma

angry old woman

This letter to Dear Abby about an overly critical grandma appeared on October 9. Here’s some advice to the mother from my daughter, who’s a marriage and family therapist.

Colorframes Blocks Encourage Open-Ended Play

Colorframes blocks

Colorframes interlocking blocks are recommended for ages 3 – 8. They can be used in endless ways to build shapes and to understand different aspects of color.