Bailey by Harry Bliss

Bailey cover

Bailey by Harry Bliss is about a lovable dog’s first day at school. It was a hit with my granddaughters since their dog is also named Bailey and they loved Bliss’s illustrations.

Temperament Helps Understand Children’s Behavior

Child sticking tongue out

“Temperament” is a person’s first and most natural way of responding. Understanding a child’s temperament can help you see his or her unique style more clearly.

Chickenpox Parties: Safe or Risky?

child with chicken pox (cartoon)

Chickenpox parties are organized by parents who want their children to catch the virus naturally rather than getting vaccinated.

National Public Lands Day is September 24

Public Lands Day

September 24 is National Public Lands Day. It’s a great opportunity to spend some meaningful time with your family at one of the 1,750 sites around the country.

Dinner Ritual Born of 9/11

candle flame

On the day after 9/11, my husband and I started a ritual we’ve continued to this day. When we sit down to dinner, we light a candle and say something we’re grateful for that day.