Beautiful Blue Eyes Celebrates Children’s Eye Color

Beautiful Blue Eyes cover

Beautiful Blue Eyes by Marianne Richmond celebrates the unique thoughts, feelings and spirit of the blue-eyed boy or girl. The book is dedicated to her blue-eyed daughter.

Rituals Create Lasting Memories for Children

Girl feeding koi

The simple rituals from our childhood can bring back such vivid memories of people and places we cherished and help create the bonds that define our relationships.

Avoiding Favoritism Among Grandchildren

Mother and Child

The advice I’ve read about how to avoid favoritism among grandchildren is to spend equal time with each grandchild and focus on their unique strengths and interests.

Books About Dolls for 7 to 10 Year Olds

Doll People cover

I recently read The Doll People to my 8-year old granddaughter who loved it. Here are some of our other favorite books about dolls for 7 to 10 year old readers.

Homeschool Conference Debunks Homeschooling Misconceptions

Homeschool Conference logo

This new school year got off to a fantastic start with a Homeschool Conference in Sacramento, CA. As a grandma, I had the privilege of attending the conference.