Who Stays at Bed and Breakfasts

B and B sign

At B&Bs, we’ve met couples of all ages, mostly friendly and outgoing. If you like hearing stories, you’ll love the camaraderie that develops around the breakfast table.

Ohanarama Connects Families Online

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I’m always searching for creative ways to stay connected to my granddaughters. I found Ohanarama, a safe place for grandparents and family members to play games online.

Don’t Call Me Grandma

scolding grandma

Grandmas don’t want to be called a name that makes them sound old because age is not something our contemporary culture celebrates.

Our First Mother-Daughter Retreat

Stillheart Institute

The mother-daughter relationship can be fraught with tension, hurt feelings, and unresolved issues. Left unattended, they can grow and prevent the relationship from flourishing.

This Love I Know By Name

Tess hardwick

Today’s guest author, Tess Hardwick, is a novelist and playwright who writes about how her relationship with her mother changed after she became a mother.