Grandma Celebrates 65th Birthday by Giving to Others


Frances admits that as her 65th birthday approached, a big party was not her style. Yet she wanted to reach out and share her gratitude for arriving at this milestone.

Beautiful Bubble Brew Recipe


I always find lots of great ideas in “GrandLoving.” On my last visit to my granddaughters I brought a large container of “beautiful bubble brew” that I found in the book.

Congratulations, Ms. New York Senior America 2011


Kathleen Keating, Ms. New York Senior America 2011, attended our May GaGa Sisterhood meeting. The Pageant emphasizes and honors women who are sixty years of age or over.

The Gift of Listening

His masters voice

Listening is an undervalued art. These days most people would rather talk than listen. I know my mom is listening. When I call her she gives me her undivided attention.

Mother’s Day Tribute to My Daughter

happy mothers day

On this Mother’s Day I encourage you to call the mothers of your grandchildren and tell them some of the wonderful qualities you admire and respect about them.