Mommy’s Medicine Cabinet to the Rescue

First aid kit for children

I just discovered a new product: an organized bag of the most frequently used non-prescription medicines and first-aid products for sick or injured children.

LaRue Across America Charms Children and Adults

Larue Across America cover

In this charming childrens book, a dog named Ike gets into imaginative adventures as he is forced to go on a road trip with his owner, Mrs. LaRue, and two cats.

Side By Side Is a Practical Guide For Mother-Daughter Communication

Side By Side cover

Side By Side is a practical guide for mothers who want to improve their relationship with their daughters by learning to communicate more effectively and lovingly.

The Delicate Balance of Disciplining Grandchildren

mother disciplining a child

Of the things that grandparents and parents argue about, discipline is a big one. How do grandparents handle the delicate balance of disciplining grandchildren?

Post St. Paddy’s Day Corned Beef Hash Recipe

corned beef hash

You’ll enjoy this simple recipe for corned beef hash using the leftovers from your St. Patrick’s Day boiled corned beef dinner.