Kids Can Explore the Outdoors with Curiosity Cards

curiosity cards

I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy the outdoors with my two granddaughters. Recently, Rebecca Cohen of Rebeccaplants, sent me a set of her Curiosity Cards. These three-inch round laminated cards contain 50 interesting questions to stimulate the imagination such as “Find two things that feel different from each other.” You can use the cards at home or at the park, and they’re especially good for keeping kids entertained on road trips.

I brought the Curiosity Cards to my granddaughters and asked three-year old Amelia to pick one. She picked a purple one that asked: “What does being outside make you want to do?”

“Ride my scooter up to the mailbox and you try to catch me!” she exclaimed and off she went with me riding her tailwind!

The cards are great for starting a conversation with a child who may be feeling down in the dumps: “What would you like to do more of every day?”

You could also use them as daily inspiration for yourself as Rebecca’s guest blogger Starla J. King did. She chose a card that asked: “What color are our eyes?” King wrote that she really paid attention to the color of people’s eyes that day and discovered she made even deeper connections with all the people she encountered.

Here’s one for you: “If you could fly like a bird, where would you go?”


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    What a great tool for opening up communication and for opening up our eyes and ears! I must admit that I’m not good at noticing people’s particular features. My daughters will comment on someone’s eyes or nose, and I will realize that I’ve never noticed. Today I’m noticing eyes!

    If I could fly like a bird, I would fly over all the places I know best and see how they look from a different point of view. But mostly I’d just enjoy flying!

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    What a treat to see this post this morning! I’m 41 yrs old, no kids, and I keep Rebecca’s Curiosity Cards on my desk at all times… when I’m stuck with my writing creativity, I choose a card. When I’m sick of working, I choose a card. When I just need to lighten up a bit, I choose a card. And I have to admit when I’m with my nieces, nephews, and my friends’ kids, I ask questions that I remember from the cards. Truly love those things!

    Thanks for the shout out, Donne. Happy noticing today –eye color, plant color, leaf shapes, animals, etc. The world is ours, and the more curious we are (no matter WHAT age!), the more richly we live.