Holiday Traditions Link the Generations


Sitting around our Thanksgiving table with my granddaughters made me realize why I value holiday traditions so much. These familiar rituals are the links that connect the generations.

Savory Turkey Soup Made From Thanksgiving Leftovers

turkey soup

Most people think the best part of hosting Thanksgiving is having leftovers the next day. For me it’s having savory turkey soup made from Thanksgiving leftovers.

The Love Goddess’ Cooking School


The Love Goddess’ Cooking School is about a grandmother-granddaughter relationship. It’s also about classic Italian dishes, twists and turns of friendship and romance, and mysterious fortune-telling.

Mother, Daughter Bond on Roller Coaster


Last week my daughter and I rode the Medusa roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. As we made our ascent, I thought This is a piece of cake. Then we went into a 150-foot drop.

33 Things To Know About Raising Creative Kids

Whitney Ferre

Whitney Ferre, author of 33 Things To Know About Raising Creative Kids, believes creative thinking will determine our grandchildren’s success in the next century.