Granny Gomez and Jigsaw


Deborah Underwood’s new book for kids, Granny Gomez and Jigsaw, is about a grandma who plays drums, climbs mountains, loves puzzles, and has a pet pig.

Nurture Creativity in Your Grandchildren

grandma showing creative mailbox

Grandparents have the energy and resources to nurture creativity in grandchildren. The key is to let go and leave artistic and inventive decisions up to the child.

I Remember Grandma Amelia

September 23 is my grandma Amelia’s birthday. A second generation San Franciscan, she was born in 1893 and lived in the City until she passed away at age 93.

How to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read


Reading Together gives a wealth of strategies, book titles, and conversation topics to help children find what to read, and then how to find meaning and pleasure in their reading.

Online Storytelling Resources


When I was growing up, I loved listening to my grandmother’s stories. Now I’m carrying on this tradition with the benefit of modern technology.