Celebrating National Grandparents Day

Marian McQuade

There are lots of websites, including the official National Grandparents Day website, that offer all kinds of activities for celebrating this day. While these activities all sound like fun, creating a celebration still falls on the shoulders of our busy adult children.

8 Insights for Balanced Living

How do you stay grounded and not allow yourself to get caught up in the chaos and uncertainty that seems to surround us these days? Renee Trudeau offers 8 insights for finding balance in your life.

Bloggy Boot Camp: Mommy Bloggers Meet in San Francisco

bloggy bootcamp logo

Here’s my summary of Bloggy Boot Camp in San Francisco, a day-long conference, offered by SITS Girls, for mommy bloggers to learn more about search engine optimization, driving up page views and building a comment tribe.

Raising Bilingual Children: Benefit or Concern?


According to the American Speech and Language Association, most children have the capacity to learn two or more languages. If a child has a speech or language problem, it will show up in both languages. However, these problems are not caused by learning two languages.

Do Good Grandaughters Finish Last?

A granddaughter who is too obedient is not always a good idea. Grandparents can help their granddaughters learn right from wrong and be able to say yes and no.