Grandma Makes Kids Paper Gown Costume From Recycled Tablecloth

paper gown

My friend Jan constantly inspires me with the creative ideas she comes up with for her grandchildren. Her latest project reminded me of the story of Rumpelstiltskin, who spun straw into gold.

My Grandma Could Do Anything: Children’s Books for Hip Grandmas

grandma skateboarding

Author Ric Dilz has created a children’s book series titled “My Grandma Could Do Anything” that shows a smiling grandma engaged in fun, challenging adventures that she doesn’t actually do, but she could.

The Value of a Picture Book: 3 Life-Lessons Your Child Gets From Stories

grandma reading to child

Reading picture books to children helps cultivate their empathy, teaches them a sense of community, and allows them to flex their imaginative muscles.

Lilith Fair Still Has the Magic

Lilith Fair 2010, the women’s music festival co-founded by Sarah McLachlan, still has the magic it did for me when I first attended in 1999. The line up included ’80s singers Heart and the Bangles, as well as the new pop singer, Colbie Caillat.

Worry Is a Big Waste of Time

My vivid imagination can take me on some pretty scary worry trips, if I let it. I found some useful strategies to break the useless cycle of habitual worrying.