Emily’s First 100 Days of School

Rosemary Wells’ popular children’s book, Emily’s First 100 Days of School, has imaginative illustrations that make counting fun for children as well as adults.

Teach Your Child How to Be a Good Loser

Help your child learn how to lose gracefully by being a good loser yourself, by weaning them off of the need to win every time, and by teaching them words to express their emotions.

Kids Can Explore the Outdoors with Curiosity Cards

curiosity cards

Curiosity Cards from Rebeccaplants are a wonderful tool to enjoy the outdoors with children. These round laminated cards contain 50 questions to stimulate their imagination.

The Kissing Hand Eases Separation Anxiety

kissing hand cover

After helping my 3-year old granddaughter get over her separation anxiety, I did some research and discovered The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, a sweet book that can help children deal with their separation anxiety.

How to Ease a Child’s Separation Anxiety

child clinging to mom

A little separation anxiety is part of a child’s normal development. It can occur from as early as five months and resurface out of the blue until a child is four years old. This kind of behavior can actually be a positive sign because it shows that the child recognizes and has formed important attachments with loved ones.