Michelle Obama Wants to Break the Cycle of Poor Nutrition

Michelle Obama White House garden

The First Lady says the solution to childhood obesity rests not with a bill from Congress or an executive order from her husband, but “instead, it’s about what all of us can do to help our kids (and grandkids) lead active, healthy lives.” Her program has four key components.

Grandparents Need Permission for Plans and Emergencies

parent permission

Grandparents need to clear plans with their grandchildren’s parents before they tell their grandchildren. Be sure to get an Emergency Medical Consent Form when you’re in charge.

Reporting for Doodie: A Grandma’s Tour of Duty

Reporting For Doodie cover

J.L. (Judy) Smith became the sole caregiver for her three-year old grandson, Marcus, when his mom and dad were both deployed in the U.S. Military. Smith’s tour of “doodie” was six months, one week, three days, and seven hours long. Reporting for Doodie is her humorous, honest, poignant, and irreverent account of that period.

Traditional St. Paddy’s Day Dinner to Make You Smile

corned beef and cabbage

I’m getting ready to make our traditional St. Paddy’s Day “Irish Boiled Dinner” dinner and thought I’d share the recipe from The Frugal Gourmet.

Do You Know Where Your Advance Directive Is?

woman signing document

Do you have an advance directive? What kind of medical treatment would you want if you were too ill to express your wishes? Advance directives convey decisions about end-of-life care.