Good Riddance 2009

cartoon woman sick in bed

I’m so glad this year is over—especially this last week. I’ve had a cold and cough and it seems a fitting way to end this dismal year.

Optical Illusion Adds New Dimension to Kids’ Coloring


The package of five morphed fairy drawings and a Morph-O-Scope for viewing the finished colored pages arrived while my six-year-old granddaughter was visiting.

Cranberry Pie Recipe is Foolproof

Cranberry Pie

If you’re looking for a sure-fire, easy to fix dessert for your holiday parties, this Cranberry Pie recipe is foolproof. I love anything with cranberries in it. That sweet-tart flavor of cranberries is pure bliss in cakes, crisps, cookies, even granola. It has the texture of a shortbread.

My Toaster Oven is Toast

burned toast

My toaster oven died yesterday. I liked my old one. It was easy to use. Being a technophobe I’m afraid I’ll have to learn a new operating system when I replace it.

That’s What Grandparents Are For

Grandparents Book

Looking for a clever way to tell your parents or in-laws that they’re going to be grandparents? Consider giving them a copy of That’s What Grandparents Are For.