Take a Child Outside Week

Walking on Log

Take a Child Outside Week is a national program to help children understand and appreciate the environment, and build enthusiasm for its exploration.

Summer Is Over — Hello Autumn!

fruit and veggie platter

Taking your children or grandchildren outside and showing them the wonders of nature is a great way to slow down during the hectic pace of the new school year.

Cannon Beach, Oregon Is a Vacation Spot for All Ages

Cannon beach

Cannon Beach is a spectacular spot to explore tide pools around Haystack Rock, hike in Ecola State Park, and enjoy great food in town.

Celebrating Grandparents Day with Other Grandmas


GaGa Sisterhood meeting takes place on National Grandparents Day. Members share who they are when they’re not being “grandma.”

A Grandma Turns 60 and Discovers the Fountain of Youth

senior olympics

Senior Games athletes don’t define themselves by their age or the adversity they’ve faced living out their years. They continue to run and jump and play, and appreciate that life is for living, enjoying, trying new things and having fun.