Are You a Healthy Cook?

broccoli tofu stir fry

Healthy meals depend on who buys and prepares the food. These “nutritional gatekeepers” influence 70% of the food we eat. Healthy eating is shared by 5 generations of my family.

Home Safety Tips for Grandmothers

child safety

Home safety tips grandmothers can use to make their homes safe for their grandchildren.

Yosemite with the Grandkids—Camping or Comfort?


What’s the best way to enjoy Yosemite with grandchildren—camping or comfortable beds? After trying both, I prefer comfort.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

grandma and granddaughter

Nearly six million children in the US are being raised by their grandparents. Karen Best Wright’s story will give you a better idea of the depth and breadth of the problem.

Compliment Parents—Make Their Day

women hugging

Compliment parents when you observe them doing a good job. Your acknowledgment will have a powerful impact.