Parents Want to Bond With Their Newborn—Alone

parents and newborn

New parents want to bond alone with their newborn. Grandparents must be patient and respect their wishes until the new parents invite them into the “inner circle.”

San Jose Mercury News Features GaGa Sisterhood

Patty Fisher’s May 21 San Jose Mercury News column features a story about becoming a grandmother and creating the GaGa Sisterhood for enthusiastic grandmothers.

Grandmas Just Wanna Have Fun


Grandmothers want to entertain their grandchildren not discipline them. Let the parents be the Enforcers but respect their rules.

Interview with Adair Lara

Adair Lara explains why humor is so important to her and why she chose to write The Granny Diaries from a humorous perspective

The Good-Enough Grandparent


Grandparents shouldn’t strive for perfection but just be “good enough” grandparents.