4 Exercises to Do with Your Grandchildren


Exercises you can do with your grandchildren

Eye of My Heart Sees All, Tells All About Grandmotherhood

eye of my heart

It’s all there—every thought, feeling, or reaction you’ve ever had about being a grandmother—packed into Eye of My Heart, a new compilation of stories by 27 grandmothers, and it will get you thinking about your role as a grandma.

Grandma Amelia’s Charoset Recipe

making charoset

Cooking with your grandchildren is a great way to pass on your family heritage. I taught my granddaughter how to make my grandma’s charoset.

Conversation with Adair Lara

adair lara

On May 3, 2009 Adair Lara will speak to the GaGa Sisterhood in San Francisco and discuss her new book, The Granny Diaries.

Sourpuss and Sweetie Pie


My 6-year old granddaughter laughed out loud over the little girl who keeps changing back and forth from Sourpuss to Sweetie Pie.