Grandparents and Grandchildren Road Trips


More and more grandparents are starting a tradition of taking their grandchildren on road trips, sans the parents, to celebrate various milestones in their lives.

How to Enjoy Disneyland with Your Grandchild


Two experienced grandmas offer some tips on how to enjoy Disneyland with a grandchild without getting too worn out.

8 Tips for Enjoying Multigenerational Vacations


Each year more than 5 million families vacation with 3 generations. Here are 8 tips for taking a vacation where everyone from toddlers to grandparents can have a good time.

Transitioning from Paris Honeymoon to Daily Routine


Transitioning from my Paris honeymoon to my daily routine has been hard. Two years ago I wrote a post about how to beat post vacation blues, so I thought I was prepared.

Creative Grandma Enjoys Scavenger Hunt with Grandchildren

scavenger photo hunt cartoon

This summer Francis and her grandchildren are participating in the SJMN News 2013 Road Trip Scavenger Hunt. The goal is to snap photos of 20 items during your summer travels.