The Night Before My Birthday Book


Joni Rubinstein started a birthday eve tradition of reading a poem to her children when they were just one year old. The poem eventually became her book.

Here’s the Halloween Phantom Poem


Have fun with the Halloween Phantom on your block. Secretly drop goodies at a neighbor’s house with a request to pass along the poem and goodies to two more neighbors.

Everyday Rituals Are the Glue that Bonds Families

New Family Traditions Cover

Holiday traditions are important but the simple rituals we do everyday when we greet each other, sit down to meals or say goodnight create the true tapestries of our family.

Confessions of a Bossy Chef

Martha Stewart

My husband says he married me because of my assertiveness in the kitchen. Now he gets irritated when I take control in the kitchen…and he should. I’m bossy in my kitchen.