5 Tips for Members of the Club Sandwich Generation


We grandmas are part of the “club sandwich generation” with demands from all sides: taking care of our aging parents, helping our adult children and babysitting our grandchildren.

Downsize and Organize for the New Year


We grandmas can do our adult children a big favor by downsizing our possessions while we still have the mental and physical energy instead of leaving the responsibility to them.

Health Advice – Be Like Your Grandparents


Today’s young families can learn some valuable health advice from their grandparents and start the New Year off on the right foot.

Giving Events and Experiences for Holiday Gifts


For the holidays this year, grandparents can give gifts of events and experiences, which are incredibly enriching and valuable alternatives to giving material gifts.

Limiting Children’s Cell Phone Use


Smart phones and technology are a tremendous asset to our lives, but overuse can take away from real world experiences like reading and being outdoors. How do you limit use without conflict?