A Tribute to My Mother on Mother’s Day


My birthday falls the day before Mother’s Day which I’ll celebrate with my 91-year old mom who continues to inspire me with each new stage of her life.

Make an Adorable Pine Cone Turkey for Thanksgiving

Pine Cone Turkey

My grandma friend Cindy volunteers in her granddaughter’s third grade classroom. This week she taught the class how to make pine cone turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Here’s the Halloween Phantom Poem


Have fun with the Halloween Phantom on your block. Secretly drop goodies at a neighbor’s house with a request to pass along the poem and goodies to two more neighbors.

Homemade Love on Grandparents Day September 8, 2013

Marian McQuade

One purpose of Grandparents Day is to honor grandparents. Here are some creative ideas that grandchildren can do to show their love and appreciation for their grandparents.

8 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Relatives During the Holidays


Holidays can be tough. Some people love them; some people dread them. It seems that one of the biggest challenges of the holidays is dealing with difficult relatives.