How Do You Handle Disappointment?


We must learn to handle life’s disappointments with each new experience. Here are tips to get you through disappointments that happen during the holidays.

When Grandmas Take on Too Much


I confess to being an overachiever for most of my adult life. I bring that same mindset to being a grandma and sometimes it gets me into trouble because I take on too much.

Developing Patience Begins with Ourselves


The more we see life as messy and unpredictable, and people as bumbling through life the best they can, the more patience we bring to the circumstances and people in our lives.

Do You Know How to Be a Good Listener?

deep listening

People think that when we hear, we listen. But listening is really hard work, and takes a lot of concentration. Here are 3 ways to become a better listener.

Why Are Women So Obsessed With Their Bellies?


Women of all ages are obsessed with their bellies. We are way too harsh on ourselves. We need to break the cycle of self-criticism before it reaches the next generation.